The New Mayfair Hotel opened its doors once again to offer a warm welcome to our returning guests to celebrate their Christmas and New Year festive break. Guests enjoyed a variety of entertainment both during the day and in the evening in our cabaret lounge, along with a selection of traditional Christmas fayer and complimentary buffets.

Caroline took some time out of the reservations office to meet some of our guests and support them on their days out which had been pre organised, guests accessed a variety of trips including Barton Grange Christmas Christmas shop, Guys thatched Hamelet, Bury Market, Chester and the Albert Dock and not forgetting our guests favourite Blackpool Zoo.

The group traveled in style on our accessible mini bus, arriving at Blackpool Zoo around 11.00am. Upon arrival we were able to hire a wheelchair to enable one of our group to get around more easily.  It was a chilly one!!  Carers Caroline and Lee made sure that all our guests were wrapped up warm. Kathleen was all snug in her onesie/blanket and enjoyed looking at the Monkeys.

Carer Lee took guests Beryl and Rosie to the top of the giraffe house for a better view, we then went on to see the Orangutans and into the Ape House, this was accessed by the ramp, once inside the ape house we had great views of these magnificent animals up close.

Our regular guests Paul and Nina headed for the cafe, where Beryl and Rosie enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate and Kathleen opted for a bowl of chips.

These particular guests regularly come to The New Mayfair Hotel at least three times a year and their holiday wouldn’t be complete without trip to Blackpool Zoo.