Safehands Holidays is pleased to be able to continue to bring you the very best in live entertainment at both its venues, recently we have had many tribute acts at our Llandudno hotel which proved to be very popular during the months of March and April 2018. April also played host to a Star from the Dales where guests at both our hotels enjoyed a special visit from Matthew Wolfenden AKA David Metcalf.

Matthew visited the Esplanade Hotel in Llandudno where regular guest from The Isle of Man bombarded him with questions about his screen wife Tracy “how you could cheat on her?” – “we don’t like that Layla shouted the crowd”. One lady had been an Emmerdale fan for many years sometimes catching Matthew out with some of her questions. I was there to welcome Matthew and was really impressed at how he engaged with the guests with the Q&A part of the evening, it’s probably one of the most informative sessions we have ever had.

Some guests were rather disappointed to find out although he has split with on screen wife Tracy Metcalf there is still no hope as one of his favourite moments other than the birth of his children Buster & Bowie, was pulling off his marriage to co-star Charlie Web. Matthew explained he had all of the guests believe they were attending Charlies 30th birthday party, until they arrived and “SURPRISE “announced they were getting married.

There was plenty of time for photos and Matthew made time to speak to all the guests individually whilst having the camera Flashing away by inhouse photographer Karen to ensure all the guests left with a signed photo souvenir from the evening. There was a rather special guest in this evening by the Name of Elly May, who is 5 ½ and was on Holiday with her parents Charlie and Teresa. Mathew took time to play and talk to the family whilst practicing some of his moves from Dancing on Ice.  Before inviting Elly May up to help him with a task that stole the show “Forget Bongos Bingo”  – Bingo time at the Esplanade Hotel is not to be missed, when a five year old calls 28 and reads it out as eight and two 82 things got a little bit fuzzy for Matthew – He was defiantly set up by one clever little girl, as for the guests it was probably one of the longest games of bingo we had that week but all the same very entertaining.

Finally, before it was time to leave the Esplanade Hotel Matthew was to do the traditional manager pint pulling competition, Matthew commented “it would be better than screen star Amy Walsh AKA Tracy Metcalf, stating he had worked in bars from being young”. After a perfect pint Matthew stayed and talked to some of the Staff members and our fantastic entertainer ERYL before heading back to the dales.

“The Hotel staff recieved many cooments from all the guests during breakfast saying Matthew was fantastic and a great entertainer”